Friday, July 8, 2016

a great day

Samson had a bit of an accident yesterday and got all scraped up. Poor little dude.

Clementine frequently wakes up form her naps a little mellow, it always manages to wear off after a little while…

I made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) in my new kitchen today. It felt so right.

Today I've been thinking a lot about the direction our country is headed. I feel sad for the officers and their families that were affected by the shootings in Dallas yesterday. I'm grateful for all of the good police officers out in our America that try to protect us, they are important. I'm so apprehensive about sending my children out into this world. I love these simple days we have together where they are under my wing and I can see what they do all day every day. I love knowing they are tucked away safely in their own beds for afternoon naps and that when they wake up we will go outside and enjoy the summer sun and have popsicles dripping down their little chins. I wish for this simplicity to last forever.


  1. I am loving these photographs Liz. The lighting is so beautiful on Clementine's skin in this bottom pic. I too feel sad to see our country and its people so lost.

  2. So glad you're back to blogging. More please! I love your littles. They are cuties.

  3. Amazing pictures- and an amazing mama you are. And look at those sweet kids of yours- the future is so bright.

  4. Those cookies look killer. I want some!