Wednesday, May 11, 2016


My baby boy is ONE. How did this happen so fast?
While I'm really loving the stage that he's in, I'm also sad to kiss this first year goodbye.
It has been such a sweet year filled with so many wonderful memories. 
I especially like looking back on the 31/2 months we were in Utah and remember family members getting to know Samson and Clementine. It's so hard living far away from family. 

ANYWAY..back to Samson. We had a great time celebrating his birthday with cupcakes and ice cream at Lindale Park. It was a happy/sad gathering for me because I'm so sad to say goodbye to so many of these dear friends who helped us celebrate. We leave in exactly a month and it is all very bittersweet. 

I wanted so badly to get a cute picture of Samson for his birthday, but he really hated his party hat. The only time I could get him to smile was when he was laughing at Clementine. 

Something I love about these pictures is how "girly" the quilt and changing pad are that he's sitting on..but I don't think you could really mistake Samson for being a girl. 

That's the thing about Samson, if he's not happy about something, he has no problem letting you know all about it. I mentioned that to my mom while we were in Utah and she said, "he's smart that way." I guess that's a good way of looking at it :)

A few things I want to remember about Samson:

-The way he says "ball" so cute.
-How when he stands all by himself he claps for himself and loves when we cheer him on.
-Whenever Dylan gets home if he doesn't immediately pick Samson up or give him attention Samson gets really sad and crawls around the apartment following Dylan. He is so attached to is Daddy, it's really cute to see.
-The way he eats his food faster and more efficiently than Clementine.
-His little buzzed hair and how it sticks straight up/the cute shape of his head.
-Whenever the front door opens he crawls as fast as he can to try and get outside and gets really upset if its shut before he can get out. 
-Hearing him talk to himself early in the morning when he wakes up before everyone else. 
-His chunky little legs and feet. 
-How excited he gets about bath time.

I love my little Mother's Day baby so much and am so grateful to be his Mother. 


  1. Happy Birthday Samson!! I can't believe you guys are moving in a month!!!

  2. Lizzie! I loved catching up on your blog today. Such a beautiful life you live. You will be so glad to have a record of this sweet, and fleeting time of you life. I love you and have been thinking about you. xoxo