Monday, August 15, 2016

long may you run

"It's just a car, don't think about it so much." I tell myself as I'm tossing and turning in bed at night. 
Just over a week ago we sold our PT cruiser that my mom gave us when we got married. 
With baby #3 coming, it was time for a larger vehicle. 

I remember the day my mom got the PT cruiser, 14 years ago today. She referred to it as her "dream car." My dad surprised her with it for her birthday. The day she got it I remember her taking friends and family on rides around the neighborhood. We were all so excited. Her first small car in so many years.

In High School, my parents started letting me drive the car. I drove it to and from Olympus High every day, to work at Great Harvest and various friends houses. It had an awesome sound system and was a smooth ride. After I found out I lost the Student Body Election I remember retreating to my car and bawling in the drivers seat. 

College came and I drove to the Trax station every day, to Paramount Acceptance and Banana Republic. Blasting Taylor Swift, I sung my heart out in the PT. 

When Dylan and I got married my mom gave us her PT cruiser and we drove it all the way to Texas. We stuffed it full of wedding gifts, clothes and new things to start our life together. I was sicker than a dog the entire drive with shingles and the worst cold of my life; little did I know I was also expecting. The PT was the one thing in my life that remained the same after the move to Galveston. 

 We brought both of our babies home from the hospital in the PT Cruiser. It was our only car throughout medical school and a very reliable form of transportation. 

I'll always remember just a few nights before Samson was born, standing out by the car with Dylan rearranging things and making room for another car seat. Thinking how our world was about to change forever. 

"I can't stop thinking about the PT Cruiser, Dylan. I'm sad it's gone." 
"I know." He said,  "It was a good car to us." 


  1. Sooo saaaaad!!!! I totally get it! I'm gonna bawl my eyes out when we finally get rid of Tyler's nasty blue Dodge Neon. So many memories! But bring on the minivan(?)!! yay!

  2. The perfect tribute to the PT cruiser! Boy oh boy did I ever love that little car. It's good for my heart to see that you loved it as much or more than I. xox

  3. i still think about our first little car - there is a picture of us kissing, standing next to it all decorated, on our wedding day. Sweet memories.

  4. I miss that PT Cruiser too. I remember driving past Zach's house blasting Taylor Swift in there. I hear your replacement is pretty sweet though...