Tuesday, February 16, 2016

love day

I enjoyed having Valentines Day on Sunday this year. It was nice feeling no pressure to go out and do anything, but to be able to spend time at home relaxing with loved ones. 

I snapped a little picture of the bracelet I wore on our wedding day, accompanied with my "love" and "faith" bracelets. This girl needs all the good reminders she can get ;)

My Valentine gave me a set of Pioneer Woman plates that I love and am excited about. I really love Valentine's day and this year I decided to do "14 days of Valentine's" for Dylan leading up to the big day. Each day I gave him a simple little surprise. New socks with a note, "you knock my socks off", Root beer "you are 'soda'-licious to me" I really enjoyed doing this and will probably do it again sometime. 

For our Valentine dinner I made Calzone's and salad. It was my first time making these calzones. I was pretty happy with how they turned out, I'll probably make them again. 

For Family Home Evening a couple of weeks ago we wrote on these little hearts things that we love about each other. While we decorated the hearts I was singing the primary song, "I love mother she loves me, we love daddy yesiree, he loves us and so you see, we are a happy family." Clementine really enjoyed coloring on the hearts. 

After we hung them all up she pointed at them and said, "look! a happy family!" I think she put that together while I was singing the primary song. It was really cute. I love that she's starting to enjoy FHE. 

I'm grateful to be loved and have so many wonderful people to love. 


  1. im really glad you are still blogging! i feel like no one does anymore. i love the little updates. youve inspired me to post more!

  2. your wrist is filled with a mama's love. xox

  3. Love those Pioneer Woman dishes! She has the cutest stuff.