Wednesday, February 17, 2016


A few nights ago after we had put the kids to bed and were sitting on the couch together I looked up at the blue, plastic bib hanging from the refrigerator handle and envisioned putting it on one year old Clementine in the morning for breakfast like that was still my life. It was the weirdest time lapse/flash back I've ever experienced. That little baby girl is gone and now I've got a full blown, walking, talking, sassy two year old. I love the stage she's in, but man, sometimes I long for that adorable little girl in the white dress.

Her life is going by so fast, I can hardly stand it. Each day with my little loves is priceless. I wouldn't trade this in for anything. 

And then I come across this picture and I'm like, "holy cow, I had two babies at once!"


  1. fleeting. and so wonderful. xox

  2. haha! I think the same thing when I see Avery holding newborn Kendall. It's crazy how quickly they change even as two-year-olds! I look at pictures of Avery a few months ago and I can already see a difference. "The days are long, but the years are short" !!!