Monday, February 15, 2016


I had such a special birthday this year. I can't believe I'm already 24. Each year just keeps going by faster and faster!

The day before my birthday I spent a good portion of my time making these valentine cookies. I've made it a tradition to make them every year around Valentine's day. I delivered them to some of our dear friends with this little love note. This is a tradition I always enjoy. 

The morning of my birthday I woke up and opened this gift from my sweet sister, Ali. Faith is my word of the year and I've had a few lengthy discussions with her on Faith and decisions and things that have been going on. I'm so grateful for her. 

I was so touched that my sweet friend Kim offered to throw me a birthday brunch with some of my most special girlfriends. After we ate they all went around the room and said things they loved about me. All of their sweet comments made me really emotional, especially since this is {probably} our last year here in Galveston. 

Dylan woke up early with the kids and let me sleep in a bit. After he left for the day I found this sweet note on our dresser. It brought me to tears! I love and adore those darling little handprints. 

My mom gave me this adorable 'love' pillow. I love it so much!

My sweet girl kept saying, "happy birthday mommy" all day long. I loved it. 

Dylan was so sweet and asked my friend Teri to babysit (so nice of her) and he took me to Sally's to pick out some new gel nail colors. He got me a gel nail kit and UV light last year for my birthday so it was really sweet of him to follow up on it this year and help me pick out some new colors. We then went and had dinner at "eat cetera" it was really yummy! 

The following morning my girlfriends Teri and Stephanie "kidnapped" me and took my to Shykatz for breakfast. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say it was the best breakfast I've ever had. So sad to be discovering this place right before we all leave. I'll definitely be returning with Dylan! It was really nice to just hang out the three of us and chat. Teri made me the scarf I'm wearing in the photo and painted a family portrait:

I love it so much! Stephanie gave me a SUPER awesome contigo water bottle that keeps your water super cold for a long time. I love it. She has been raving about this water bottle for almost a year now and I'm so excited to finally have one of my own! I was really emotional opening their gifts because they have been there to celebrate my birthday with me the past four years and all the milestones in between. They have come to mean so much to me and it's so hard knowing we're all parting our separate ways. I can't stand it! 

My sweet sister Katie sent me some really fun new makeup. I've already been really enjoying it. I feel so humbled and blessed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of family and friends. Dylan's mom, Charlotte sent a sweet birthday/valentine's package with a new shirt and card. I heard from so many sweet people on my birthday. I feel like the very luckiest girl in the world. 



  1. So glad you got spoiled on your Day! You deserve it! you are always thinking of others and serving those around you, I'm glad you got so much love. Happy Birthday Lizzie!

  2. happy belated birthday!! you are so blessed to have such great friends! :)

  3. This is a wonderful capture of so much that is right with this world. xox