Thursday, February 4, 2016

hello, blog.

It would be absolutely daunting and near impossible to attempt playing, "catch up" on the blog, for so much has happened since my last entry. I know I'm always telling myself I'll blog more..but really. I want to. I want a better record of these days, because they are so, so good. I am so, so happy. Humbled. Grateful. Healthy. Strong. Perfectly content.

Now I'm going to post lots of random pictures from the last few months. I have a lot more on my phone, but I have yet to download them to my computer so these are just the ones off of my camera that I like. 

Clementine became quite fond of my parents cat, Ivy. She is still a topic of many conversations. 

Such a special, memorable afternoon spending time with Dylan's amazing grandparents. My mom was really sweet and had them over lunch while they were in town for Elizabeth and Jason's wedding. 

me and sweets at the wedding dinner..

 Having two children is the best thing ever. I was so nervous about it, but I love it so much. The other morning I woke up to the two of them giggling with each other in their bedroom in the morning. I think there's a sense of security as a child knowing you've got a sibling with you and you are hardly ever alone. I felt that way when I was young. 

This was the most special, best Christmas of my entire life. I almost feel sad about it because I can't imagine any Christmas beating this one. It was so special being with my parents and children on Christmas eve/morning and then walking in the snow that morning over to Ed and Val's house. It was all so perfect and wonderful.

I picked such a great dad for my children. 

All Clementine wanted for Christmas was an Elsa dress. Her cousin Mandy had one and she instantly fell in love. When we got back to Texas, our little family all went to the park and we saw a little girl approach Clementine and say hello and all Clementine could say was, "Elsa dress." she had the most serious face on too! Dylan and I both just started laughing. We tried coaching her on it later, telling her that if she meets someone new she needs to say, "Hi, I'm Clementine." The next time we were at the park another girl approached her and she said, "Snow White dress," and "Rapunzel shoes." Two of the other dress ups she has. This girl is hopeless! 

safe in Daddy's arms..

love those little clapping hands :)


  1. So glad you're back! I love seeing pics of your littles. They are getting so big! I am so, so excited for you guys and what's coming up in the next few months! I think about you all the time. Loved your story about Clementine at the park. She and Avery would be the best of buds right now. Avery wears dress ups all day, every day.

  2. Feeling very tender as I look at these photos. I love your little family. xox