Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Happy three months of life, Samson!

Samson has definitely stolen my heart. It was hard to imagine I could love someone as much as I love Dylan and Clementine, but my capacity for love surely continues to grow. Samson's first three months of life have not been easy. He has been a bit of a fussy, temperamental little guy. He has dealt with pretty bad eczema, cradle cap, severe diaper rash and I think stomach pain. The doctor told me to go off of dairy since I am nursing him and it has definitely helped. He's still fairly fussy though. :) Clementine is still adjusting to having a younger sibling and I cannot leave her alone with him for a split second...unless he is out of reach ;)
Samson is a chatty little guy and loves to coo at me. He also has a newfound love for sucking on his bottom lip (as shown above) and his hand. He has been a champ at sleeping through the night for the last month and shares a room with his big sis now. He is always happy in the bath and on walks in the stroller. He has been an excellent nurser and thankfully hardly ever spits up like Clementine did. I am so grateful to be a mother to this precious little guy and am delighting in watching him grow. I know I always say this, but I absolutely love having a baby in my home. 

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  1. you will always be glad you kept a record of your happiness. xox