Thursday, August 27, 2015

residency application photos

last night we tried taking some photos for dylan to send out with his residency applications. i'm not quite sure if i love how they turned out, as they're supposed to look professional and dylan doesn't really want to pay $35 for one digital picture. i don't know how important it is or not. 

i wish we could send out something like this…

 having two kids while in medical school. i'd call that a pretty wonderful accomplishment. :)

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  1. Tyler is the biggest cheapskate there is (you know) and he paid the $35 for the photo. I don't know how much it matters. I think they have used his application photo on a ton of documents though. Like the get to know you stuff when you move in and they use the picture when they interview every applicant so they can keep everyone straight. I totally agree with you about the kids photo though! It's a big deal! Interview season! Ahhhh!!! So exciting!