Tuesday, July 21, 2015

this heart

if this heart could speak
it would tell you about how full it feels
full of gratitude towards it's heavenly father 
full of love for it's companion and sweet children 
it would tell you it is feeling sentimental and nostalgic 
missing carefree summer days laying on green grass or warm sand 
missing it's mountains where it felt alive 
this heart has been shown what love is all about 
it has been taken good care of by so many wonderful people 
this is a tender, sometimes fragile heart, but it is also strong and has seen hard days
it can carry through and will see it through until the end
this heart has been to sacred, holy places and has felt heavenly power and strength
this heart knows what it feels like to wake up in the morning feeling heavy
it also knows how it feels to wake up feeling rejuvenated and excited to tackle another day
this heart cannot speak, but the person who it belongs to can
and she will do her best to speak with love, for that is what this heart was made with