Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Potty training

Last Tuesday on a whim I decided I was ready to potty train Clementine. We drove to target and I excitedly picked up some "big girl underpants." The following Wednesday was our crash course. She roamed around the apartment naked from the waist down and ate lots of salty food so she would drink a lot. It was a long, tiring day for me but by the end of the day she started to understand what we were doing. The first three days of potty training were the hardest, but I decided that I wasn't turning back and we were going to see this through. We still have some work to do with getting her able to tell me when she needs to go in public, but for the last few days she has been completely accident free at home. She takes herself to the potty and does her business without any encouragement or reminders. I am proud of my little girl and so glad we tackled this when we did! 

                          Day one 

The last few days she has had play dates with some of her little friends and I was super reluctant to drop her off because I would have felt awful if she had an accident at someone else's house. I was so proud when my friends told me that she stopped what she was doing and took herself potty several times. Way to go Clementine! Now her cute friends are interested in going potty too :) 

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  1. woohoo!! Go Clementine! Such a big girl!!! And go YOU! I don't know how you did it/are doing it, with little Samson. Super mama!