Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pratt visit

Dylan's family came the week of June 6th-13th. We had such a fun time! They stayed at a place here in Galveston called Palisade Palms. It's a really nice place right on the beach with a beautiful pool. It was so nice to just kick back and relax with family and enjoy in good conversation and delicious food. I am so grateful for the family I married in to. They have always shown me love and acceptance and I love the diversity they bring to my life. Some highlights of the trip include: 

-blessing our sweet Samson on Sunday. It was so special seeing Dylan, his dad and brother Eli and our dear friend Scott circling around our baby boy. Dylan gave him a beautiful blessing and I am so grateful for him and the Priesthood that he holds and honors. 
-seeing everyone interact with Clementine and Samson. 
-hanging out and chatting with Katy at my apartment while everyone else was at Pleasure Pier. 
-good food made at home and also out at the original Mexican cafe, Farley girls and Cheesecake Factory. 
-walking along the strand one night and eating ice cream cones. 
-Charlotte helping me clean out my closet. :)
-riding (and breastfeeding ;) four person bikes along the sea wall. 
-walking along the beach late one night. 
-spending time out in the sun and laying by the pool. 
-being able to take naps all.by.myself while Samson was being held. It was so nice being able to sleep without wondering when I would hear him fuss next. 



  1. I totally know what you mean about taking a nap while someone tends to the baby. Even if they are sleeping, you can never get into a deep sleep know they will wake at any moment! Looks like you had a great visit!

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  5. Beautiful photos, and you look awesome Liz!