Tuesday, June 16, 2015

things I love about life right now

-the way Samsons whole face scrunches up when he's sad and about to cry. 
-when I ask Clementine a question and she cheerfully says, "Es!" (yes) 
-listening to the rain outside my window. 
-I got all of my "thank you" cards written and sent and don't have to have them lingering in the back of my mind anymore. So many thoughtful and generous people in my life. 
-Dylan is so excited about having tropical storm "bill" here.
-I can feel a routine is coming with Samson and life is going to start getting a tad more "normal" and liveable. 
-seeing Clementine progress verbally. She is starting to form small sentences and I love when she gets something that is hers and says, "tentine shoes" 
-little sunkissed arms and legs. (Clementines, not mine ;) 
-found myself back in the kitchen making chicken pot pie yesterday and remembered how much I enjoy cooking...even if I have to have Samson on me while I do it. He is happiest in the wrap. 
-the way Clementine stuffs all of her dolls and stuffed animals in the side of her crib at night. 

I want to remember these sweet, fleeting days with the people I love. 

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  1. I am loving catching up on your blog. Clementine looks ginormous! It's been too long since i've seen you and your adorable fam.