Monday, March 9, 2015

on work.

one of my very favorite "bloggers" and people in general is stephanie nielson.
my mom introduced me to her blog long before she had her plane crash and as a young girl in high school i would spend hours reading about her life as a young mother and joyed in the simplicity and beauty of her life. i loved reading about the love she had for her husband, motherhood and the gospel. i felt like i related to her and i really admire her. yesterday she posted a quote on instagram that i absolutely love:

"Families mean work, but they are our great work--and we are not afraid of work."
-Julie B. Beck 

as i await the arrival of our new little baby sometimes i get overwhelmed when i think of all of the work that is ahead with having a newborn and a busy toddler. even pregnancy has been and is a lot of work. 
this quote gave me so much comfort in what i am doing with my time and totally reminded me that i was cut out for this and that i can do it. i love work. i love the feeling i get after a job well done. i love the satisfaction it brings and i am extremely grateful for a healthy body that allows me to work every day. it feels great to be productive and i am so glad i get the opportunity to work alongside dylan in raising children. 


  1. I was teary reading your beautiful thoughts---(and honored too! ) You are a beautiful mother!
    All my love,

  2. I felt the same way when I read her blog that day. Sometimes I wonder "why do I have kids?! They are so much work!!" But I'm not afraid of work! And I love my kids! It is a sweet time of life.