Sunday, March 8, 2015

Brazo's Bend

this weekend we went camping at brazo's bend state park. 
it's about an hour and a half drive from galveston and a really neat campsite. 
we went with some other families in our ward and had such a fun time together. 
i was a little nervous about the trip because the forecast predicted cold weather and last time we went camping it was cold and pretty miserable the entire time. i can be a little bit of a stress case when it comes to making sure clementine is warm and comfortable, especially during the night. we lucked out with pretty terrific weather although it was quite chilly at night and clementine ended up sleeping curled up next to dylan the whole night; i don't think he really minded. ;)

pretty sydney 

clementine and avery are starting to become the cutest little friends and i can tell that clementine is always so pleased to be around her. i am so sad that their darling little family will be leaving us for residency in just a few short months. we love them.

tyler and chandra. (avery's parents)

ed ferrin is always so cute with clementine. 

we ended up borrowing a tent from some friends so that clementine could have her own space in the pac n' play and we could sleep on a blowup mattress. our plans didn't turn out as clementine got cold around midnight. i'm glad she woke up and let us know she was so cold so that we could warm her up. 

daddies and their girls.

during the second day we went on a walk looking at a bunch of alligators and clementine completely lost it. dylan and i had never seen her throw such a tantrum ever. i think she was exhausted and maybe a little hungry. there was nothing we could do to calm her down and it was really frustrating. when we got in the car to drive home she was asleep within three minutes. 

clementine adores sydney and says "sydie" all the time at home. 

tyler was a bit of a dare devil. the alligator wagged it's tale and hissed at us and gave us all a pretty good scare. 

grumpy clementine. at one point the only thing that would make her happy was to be held by scott, or as he would say, "uncle bubba." 

i thought the moss growing on all of these trees looked awesome. i know that it's bad for the trees and really not a great thing, but i love the look of it. 

the whole group. i'm sad i didn't get more pictures of every one else. i only had my camera out a few times. dylan and i are always expressing how grateful we our for our friends here in texas and oftentimes refer to them as our "texas family." they add a lot of joy to our lives and make living far away from utah much easier for us. i am grateful clementine has all of her little friends that she loves so much. it really is the people in our lives that bring us joy and purpose. 


  1. I love the picture of A and C on the bench! They are such cuties and you are such a talented photographer! I'm so glad we got to camp with you guys. I hope we get to go again before we leave!

  2. Clementine doesn't look too sure about Ed. xox