Tuesday, March 10, 2015


i am setting a new goal to try and blog/take real pictures more regularly. 
i want to have a good record of this sweet time of life and i want my children to be able to have this record to look back on. i know it will be something i will treasure. 

i pulled out my camera last week and this below picture was the last one i had taken and i was a tad blown away by how young clementine looked. i can't remember what month it was taken but i can tell that her face is a little rounder and her hair a little shorter. 

 clementine is pretty attached to her "waee" (water) and carries sippy cups around the house quite regularly. 

these pictures were taken last week. there is nothing particularly special or amazing about them, but i am trying to take that pressure off of myself and to do my best at just capturing the little moments that make life so sweet. it's okay if i'm not always capturing the perfect picture and if sometimes it's a little blurry or over/under exposed. i want to practice and continue to improve.

asking to get "out" of the tub. 

sometimes i cave and give her a dum dum because it provides at least 5-10 minutes of entertainment.
i know its not great to give children candy, but i'm okay with sweetening up her life a little now and then.

i know this picture is blurry, but sometimes i think blurry pictures have a bit of charm and her face is so sweet right here. 

things clementine loves:
-crackers, popcorn, quesadillas, cheese and green smoothies. 
-daddy. she asks for him all day when he's gone and get's so excited when he comes home. 
-putting on mine and dylan's shoes, sunglasses, hats and saying, "cuuue" (cute)
-going on walks. 
-reading books. she is always, always asking me to read to her and while i do love it, i am also getting a little tired of it too. :)
-her baby dolls and toy stroller.
-animals, especially dogs and cats.
-playing with friends. her favorites right now are sydney (sydi) kada, and ella. 
-face time with grammy and grandpa.
-watching a show. she is always asking for her "show." favorites are barney and baby einstein. 

the other night dylan and i were lying in bed trying to count all of the words clementine knows. it was surprising to realize how many words she can say and is learning. we really love being her parents, she brings so much joy to our home and our hearts. 


  1. Adore your blog. Happy to see you're keeping a record of regular (extraordinary) days! xox

  2. I love this. Keep blogging!