Thursday, May 29, 2014

this week has been  f u l l  of ups and


dylan and clementine have both been a little under the weather and clementine is TEETHING. oh and by the way, i also rear ended someone. no fun. 

clementine just follows me around the house and whines. never happy. always whining. so unlike her. 
i can't tell if it's because she is sick or because she's teething. to top things off we woke up this morning to THREE little baby cockroaches on our carpet!! there is nothing i hate more than those little bugs. they 

if you know me, you know i am a very clean person. we have had some crazy rainstorms here on our little island this week and i guess all of the roaches come out of their crevices and find a way into my home. this afternoon i looked down and saw my baby trying to EAT A COCKROACH. 

i screamed SO LOUD. she got pretty scared and started crying. i immediately rushed her over to the sink and washed her hands with soap and water. 

on saturday we head out to utah for a little over a week. this will be my first time flying alone with clementine. wish us both luck!! 

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  1. i wish you luck as you embark on this great adventure. xox