Thursday, April 3, 2014

walking buddy

now that we are finally starting to have some sunny days 
i love going on walks with this little cutie pie. 

 cute friends melinda and sydney at the park. 

it's fun to go walking in random nieghborhoods we've never been in and do a little exploring. 

sometimes if her daddy gets a spare minute between all of that studying (june 12th can't come any sooner!) he joins us for a little stroll. 


  1. Man I can't believe how big she is!!! Do you like your stroller? I went through a stage where I researched ALL things baby and pinned all my favorites and that is the stroller I liked best. I like how far the canopy comes down. Anyway! Love you. Want to meet this child some day!!

  2. i was hoping to see this little cutie pie today! xox