Monday, March 31, 2014

the greatest gift

i hope i'll always remember
the way her skin feels like warm silk 
all of her many facial expressions 
her squeals of delight 
how she rolls around the whole floor 
the way her dad adores her and jumps out of bed to get her from her crib in the morning

i hope she will always know 
how loved she is by her heavenly father. i can feel his love for her. 

i am in awe as i watch her grow and progress day by day. 
our days are usually slow and very sweet. 
we are taking in the world together. everything is new and interesting. 

oh, to be a mother. 

it is the greatest gift. 


  1. I'm dying from the picture with the whisk!!!! Too funny!

  2. me too, love the whisk picture. i want to join the club too!!!

  3. Aww this post was so sweet! You're a great writer Lizzie, I love how you express yourself!