Wednesday, April 9, 2014

yesterday i was talking with sister alison on the phone. i told her that clementine is so close to crawling. ali said, "you better get some pictures of her now, because once she starts crawling you can forget about it." i thought to myself, "yeah i'll get some one of these days"

 later that afternoon clementine was in such a cute, happy mood i decided to spontaneously put her in one of her darling dresses and snap a few photos. i'm pleased with how they turned out.

it is such a treat having a baby in my home. part of me wishes i could always have one to love on :)


  1. I love the sparkle in her eyes!! (And not that I don't think it's for reals... but your photos are always SOOO gorgeous - Do you have a really nice camera or use photoshop or some other editing website or program?? Seriously they are great.)

    1. Lindsay, thank you for the sweet compliment! I have a canon rebel that I use and I really like it. None of these are edited, I don't spend much time editing photos, although I would like to get better at it and learn more about photoshop. About our stroller-we LOVE it. I would recommend it to anyone. We were going to go with one of the classic Graco or Chicco strollers but were sold on the Britax because it folds up so compact and maneuvers really great. When we bought it we were told it was the top selling stroller for that store. Wish we lived close so we could go on walks together!

  2. Elizabeth...lovely photographs of your darling. xox