Tuesday, March 11, 2014

sweet sleeper

whenever clementine is asleep i can't help but go and take a little peek. 

before we go to bed at night, dylan and i usually go in her room to look at her for a little while. 
we adore her. we touch her little fingers and stroke her cheeks. 

there is something about this sleeping babe that humbles me and makes me grateful to the core. 

grateful to be her mother. 
grateful for the opportunity to try and be better each day. 
grateful to have a doting, supportive father and husband by my side. 

and especially grateful for heavenly father and his unfailing love for me and my loved ones. 

there is much joy to be had if we will take a minute to embrace our loved ones and look for the beauty of each day. 

"his hand is stretched out still" 


  1. I love your blog. and your pictures of clementine. they are so sweet.