Thursday, February 27, 2014

meant to be.

there we sat, 
you and i. 

a moment captured. 
sitting in your grandma ann's backyard during her viewing. 
studying old photos 
of you
your family. 

falling in love with that little boy captured in the photographs. 
little teeth, freckled nose, thick glasses. 
wishing so badly i could have known you then. 

sometimes even now, 
i get a glimpse of that little boy in the man i married. 

i was carrying our baby girl inside of me, 
we were on the brink of parenthood. 

thoughts of concern and worry flooded my mind. 

it wasn't an easy pregnancy. 

you texted me earlier this week about something that was on my mind and said, 

"we will work this out. i love you." 

and that is who i married, someone who will help me,
stand by me, 
work hard for me and our family. 

i didn't know what beauty and love would fill my heart
when i married you. 

but what i have always known, is that it was meant to be. 


  1. it's plain to see that this is a "and they lived happily ever after" story. xox

  2. So, so good. (And finally I'm on my computer and not my dumb phone so my comment will post, hopefully!!!)