Tuesday, March 18, 2014

a big test

while driving home from a relief society activity tonight, i was feeling tired and a little blue. 
after a fussy period, clementine finally fell asleep in the back seat, so when i got home, i just sat in the car for a while, something i hardly ever do. 
while i sat, i thought about my life as a little girl, and this memory randomly came to mind: 

 i loved going to primary each week.
i loved singing the songs. 
i sang and felt them with my heart. 
i loved learning about jesus and his gospel.

i remember sitting in class one sunday and the teacher said something like this, 

"the reason we are on this earth is to be tested. if we can pass this test by being good, choosing the right, and loving those around us, we can live with heavenly father and our families forever." 

i clearly remember thinking, 

"this is a test i can pass. i may not be able to do well on all of my tests at school, but i will pass this test." 

as a very young child, i felt in my heart the truthfulness of the gospel of jesus christ. i still reflect on those feelings often. 

i will always remember, 

i can pass this test with the help of my savior. 

"he knows i will follow him, give all my life to him. i feel my savior's love, the love he freely gives me" 


  1. this ... this contribution, your sharing, your perspective, you... this is what matters. xox

  2. sis, i love this post. i read it a couple of weeks ago and have thought about it often. it is true...this is a test we can pass, and isn't it the most important? i love you, thank you for sharing this sweet memory.