Friday, March 21, 2014

how did your first day of spring turn out?

 my day looked something like this...

woke up, found brown stuff on my sheets that resembled blood. 
dylan and i weren't bleeding anywhere and we were both baffled. then he realized that it was chocolate 
he had eaten in bed the night before while i was sleeping. 

read scriptures with dylan 
fed clementine, sent dylan off to school.
read scriptures by myself. 
went to use the bathroom...

dropped my phone in the toilet. 

my phone is currently out of commission..hoping the good ol' rice will do the trick. 

got in the shower and...

the maintenance guys start banging frantically and loudly on my door. they then proceed to enter my apartment while i'm in the shower and i yell, "i'm in the shower!!!" they apologized and promptly left. 

i got ready for my day and went to a friend's house to chat about a conference talk we had read. 
 while at my friend's house, clementine was fussy the entire time so we had to leave early. 

the rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning sheets, doing other laundry, washing dishes and reading about how to make our child a "winner." (great book) 

that evening i met up with dylan and friends at school for TGIT (thank goodness it's thursday) where we ate fajitas. the gay and lesbian society put the TGIT together. by some encouragement dylan and i participated in a jeopardy sort of game with other couples. we didn't really think it through before participating that the questions would all be about homosexuality. we lost. 

when your day ends looking like this...

you realize it turned out to be a pretty great day after all. 


  1. your day looks like it was awesome. love you!

  2. ummm that is hilarious about the jeopardy game!! Also, I would love to read any good child-rearing books you recommend! Please can I borrow when you're done?