Monday, July 8, 2013

fifty things

tomorrow i will have known dylan george for a whole year! i am kind of sad that this day is coming because now i can't say..."can you believe we didn't know each other this time last year??" meeting/dating dylan was definitely one of the most special times of my life and i hope to never forget those summer days/nights. i am happier than i have ever been and am so in love with this sweet man.

first picture we ever took together 

just for are  5 0  things about us. 

1. he could eat ketchup with almost anything. 
2. she doesn't like ketchup but tomatoes are her favorite.
3. she really wants to have a cat. 
4. he won't let her have a cat because they give her really bad allergies. 
5. he can eat extremely large amounts of gross food. 
6. we have a hard time agreeing on baby names. 
7. last year on the fourth of july she and one of her best friends promised themselves that next year they would have dates while watching fireworks...little did she know the next year she would be married and about 61/2 months pregnant! 
8. he is very articulate. 
9. she gets very moody when she is hungry or too sleepy. 
10. he is patient with her when she gets this way. 
11. he always notices when she paints her nails a different color. 
12. she is obsessed with having things really clean and orderly around the apartment. 
13. he doesn't mind going to the bathroom with the door open..she doesn't like it. 
14. she always wants to have the shower curtain closed.
15. he can't keep the shower curtain closed. 
16. she likes to write him love notes on napkins when she packs his lunch. 
17. he always saves those napkins at the bottom of his lunch box. 
18. he served his mission in brazil and speaks portuguese and spanish. 
19. she doesn't speak a foreign language. 
20. he willingly eats anything she makes-no questions asked. 
21. we don't have a tv or a microwave and we like it that way. 
22. his shoes are always more organized than hers in the closet. 
23. he likes to eat a sandwich consisting of pickles, mustard and cheese. 
24. she can't watch him eat that sandwich. 
25. we like to watch netflix on his dad's account on our laptop and always refer to the show we are currently watching as "our show" 
26. when we picked out my engagement ring together we were both really awkward and nervous. 
27. she is always trying to make the apartment smell extra good. 
28. he always wants to bake a treat on sunday nights. 
29. she doesn't handle violence in movies/tv shows very well and sometimes screams. 
30. it freaks him out when she screams. 
31. we like to go on walks together. 
32. we both want to have a lot of kids, but she's not so crazy about being pregnant. 
33. she is hard on things. 
34. we eat a lot of baked potatoes and he always gives her a hard time for how much cottage cheese she puts on hers. 
35. we can't fall asleep facing each other. 
36. we like to go swimming at the yacht club down the street. 
37. he likes to come to all of her doctor appointments and asks a lot of questions. 
38. she doesn't like it when he peers over her shoulder while she is cooking.
39. he is good at broadening her horizons.
40. she was crazy about him from the beginning.
41. he took her to sweet tomatoes on their first date and from then on she knew that he could put down a lot of food.
42. he traveled in latin america for seven weeks with nothing but a backpack. he was alone for the first five weeks and then his mom joined him for the last two.
43. when we started dating i would always end up coming home pretty late into the night and would always wake my mom up while she was sleeping outside on the deck and we would lie there and look at the stars while i would recapture our day together.
44. he likes to play footsies-she doesn't.
45. he is good at making her laugh.
46. every morning before he goes to school he always makes sure to come and give her a kiss goodbye while she is in bed.
47. we used our wedding gift cards to purchase a baby stroller and car seat.
48. we were sealed in the salt lake temple for time and all eternity.
49. we have a hard time agreeing on a movie to watch and every time we come to a compromise it always turns out to be a stupid movie.
50. the first time we met she came home and told her mom, "i am going on a hike with this guy. he is a real man."

i love you more every day


  1. you have no idea how happy this post made me.

  2. i smiled the whole way through. those late nights looking at the stars and reliving your days/evenings with dylan will always be a sweet memory for me...this love story is better than any fairy tale. xox

  3. So happy I get to read your blog now!! :) You guys are seriously so cute. One whole year already?!?!? You guys are practically like that old couple on Up.

  4. Kelli is the one who actually read and wrote the above comment:)

  5. i love this so much. it will be fun to look back on this and see how your lives grow and change together. you two are a darling couple. love you.