Wednesday, June 19, 2013

waffles for the soon-to-be daddy

a few weeks ago dylan and i were shopping at bed bath and beyond. we stumbled upon a waffle iron and got really excited at the possibility of owning one. we decided that instead of making a rash purchase, we would compare irons/prices at macy's across the street. turns out the iron's in macy's were more expensive and not worth the extra money. we shopped around at other stores in the mall and kind of forgot about the waffle iron...or so i thought :) as we were driving out of the parking lot on our way home, dylan said, "should we go pick up that waffle iron at bed bath and beyond?" "nah," i said "it isn't really a necessity, we probably shouldn't spend our money on it." dylan agreed and we drove home. 

normally, i would have let dylan buy the waffle iron, especially since we still have wedding gift cards at bed bath and beyond that would pay for the iron. but i was thinking about father's day approaching and decided that i wanted to surprise him. dylan is really hard to buy gifts for because he hardly ever wants or needs anything and i was so excited to be able to give him something he would be excited about. 

well, when dylan gets a "bee in his bonnet"... (he hates when i say that to him). perseveration to the max. he kept bringing up the possibility of a waffle iron and i felt so rude always telling him "no" because it was only $30 with money that was gifted to us. finally, after he had been asking about it for a while i caved in and told him i was going to surprise him for father's day but we might as well go get it now because i felt so bad not letting him have it. 

he does make the best whole wheat waffles. 

i am thank my lucky stars that i married him every day...

he adds so much joy to my life, there is never a dull moment. i can't wait to see him be a father to our little girl in just a few months. he will be such a good daddy. 

love you forever. 

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  1. cute little story:) i smiled my way through. you will be so glad to have recorded these memories!