Thursday, July 18, 2013

To my sweet baby, 

Each day that passes, I get more and more excited to finally meet you. Last night, your dad and I were lying in bed, talking about whether or not your spirit has entered your sweet little body. Although we are unsure, we think it has and we know that you are ours forever. We are always praying that you will grow healthy and strong and that we can be good parents to you. This world that we live in has a lot of wickedness but there is so much good. We are going to do all that we can to show you all that is beautiful and right in this world. We are going to try our very best to give you a happy start at life. I can tell that you are getting stronger and it is so fun for me to be able to feel you move around. It is amazing to me how you can love someone so much that you haven't met. I feel so humbled to be your mom. 

I will love you forever, 

your mother 

30 weeks gestation. Will be 31 weeks tomorrow. 


  1. such a blessed little girl already. xox

  2. lucky baby...sweet mommy. love you!