Friday, December 16, 2016

life lately

 Making the adjustment to three children has gone so smoothly so far. Both Clementine and Samson have been very sweet and soft with Genevieve and I'm so grateful for that. I haven't sensed any jealousy from them and they are both willing to help in whatever way they can. 

Having a newborn during this christmas season has been truly magical. Our days are simple and sweet and I don't feel any pressure to get out and do a whole lot. The weather has been quite chilly and most of our days our gray outside so it has felt nice to cozy up inside and spend time together. 

Little Vivie. Or Evie or Eve? I can't decide on which nickname I prefer. Dylan likes Genna, but it's not my favorite.)

I was a little nervous to go to our ward Christmas party without Dylan, but it turned out fine. Evie ;) is still pretty easy to take places because if she's fed she pretty much just sleeps in her carseat the whole time. It'll be a whole different playing field once she's mobile. 

A favorite snack lately has been Dave's famous bread toasted with almond butter and a banana. So tasty! 

The swing is definitely her happy place. I don't know what I'd do without it. She never cries or fusses when she's in there and sleeps in it at night and during the day. It's the best. The blanket laying on her is from a sweet older lady in our ward named Judith. She crocheted this and a little dress for Evie and I was so touched by her thoughtfulness and generosity when I found the gifts on my doorstep. People are so, so good. I've had so many thoughtful people reach out to me since I've had my baby and I'm really determined to try and love more and reach out to others. 

Our first time making Brazeli's with our new iron in our home. The smell made me feel so nostalgic and happy all at once. It's so crazy how once I bit into one of those I felt an immediate sensation of being home in my parents kitchen. It made me happy/sad.

loving this view outside of my window. Fall finally came in San Antonio…in December. 

Other happenings…

The good:
-Driving around looking at christmas lights one night with the whole family.
-Dylan teaching the nativity story to the kids for family home evening. 
-Going to a resident Holiday party. Dinner and arcade games. It was pretty fun to get out with the whole family.
-A couple of my friends threw a "favorite things" girl's night. Dylan got home early enough from work that I was able to go and it was nice getting out without the kids. The cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate and chex mix were top notch. 

The bad:
-Went to the dentist this week and found out I have a root canal, cavity and cracked filling. Very discouraging and costly news. I feel like it's just one more thing I have to deal with right now and it's a challenge going to these appointments and finding someone to watch my older two during the day while I take the baby with me because I don't feel like I can leave her.  
-Dylan's rotation has been so busy.
-Dylan took both kids to the doctor yesterday on his day off (which was really nice) but they would only see Clementine because that is who the appointment was scheduled for, but I was told that they will see siblings together so now I have to call again and schedule a time to take Samson in which will result in going in with all three kids. They wouldn't even give him a flu shot with Clementine which I thought was pretty lame. 


  1. so glad i checked in on your blog today!! love every picture and the thoughts and feelings you share. you are a beautiful mother with such a darling family. so happy for your joy!! i love you. xoxo

  2. Love hearing your little update! I'm so glad the transition to three is going to well! Your kids are so lucky to have each other and you. They are going to have the best childhood! Sorry about the dental work! That is the worst! I wish I was closer so I could help you out with the kids! You know I would in a heartbeat! Merry Christmas Lizzie! miss you all!