Monday, December 5, 2016

coming home

The day after I gave birth to Genevieve was Thanksgiving Day. The whole day I was feeling anxious to get home to my family. My mom was busily preparing a Thanksgiving meal and I wanted to be there with her and my children. We didn't get discharged until 8 pm that evening. Having Dylan drive me and Genevieve home felt very special as it was a dark, chilly night and I could see Christmas trees lit up in neighbors windows. There seemed to be a bit of magic in the air. As we were driving down our street Dylan made the comment of how crazy it is that we're now a family of five. I never want to forget the image that followed as we pulled up into the driveway and Clementine and my mom met us on the front porch. Clementine had the sweetest smile on her face like she was so happy to see us and have us home. When she saw Genevieve for the first time she was so sweet. She kept saying in the highest little voice, "Oh mom, she's so cute. Look at her little hands!" When Clementine held Genevieve she would rub her cheek against the baby's head because it felt so soft. It was the most tender moment with our family and Heaven felt so near. 

It was so nice to come home to a clean home and sit down to a tasty Thanksgiving meal prepared by my mom and a delicious slice of pumpkin pie. 

This is C's doll, Reba. She doesn't go anywhere around the house without Reba attached to her. My mom said that Clementine said she was so excited for Reba to have a friend. 

After we tucked Clementine in bed for the night I took a hot bath in the bathroom right by her bedroom. I overheard her talking to Reba and she said, "My mom had a baby in her tummy but now she's out!" It sounded so sweet and so simple. 

My girls. 

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