Friday, April 17, 2015

women are strong.

with the anticipation of a new baby coming within the month i sometimes freak myself out about all of the work that lies ahead and hope i can be patient with myself and with the little ones. 

i just finished reading "these is my words." it was a powerful book for me and helped me see how mothering is so much different now than it was then. i have the luxury of disposable diapers, a washer and dryer, a working kitchen, reliable healthcare and doctors and so much more. i know that my generation faces different challenges than those that were faced in the 1800s, but overall i feel very empowered and grateful for all of the amazing women who have gone before me. i am grateful for my pioneer ancestry. i feel a much closer connection to my ancestors who have gone before me as i have entered this world of motherhood. while the times have changed drastically, the love and devotion a good mother has for her children has not and will never change. 

i'm grateful for my grandma bonnie. in a very personal, sacred way, i feel like she is with me, looking out for me and supporting me a lot of the time. i think she gets me. i also am loving this picture right now because i am holding my favorite barney stuffed animal and right now barney is clementine's favorite thing. 

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  1. You will continue the legacy of faith filled, strong, capable women. I am so honored to be your mother. xox