Wednesday, April 8, 2015

we had such a special easter weekend. i am so grateful for this little family of mine who bring so much joy to my life. it is difficult for me to express how humbled and grateful i am for my savior and for his love and sacrifice. as a mother, i am so comforted to know that i can lean on him for anything and everything because my whole heart is invested in this work and in my children and i need all of the help i can get. motherhood and parenthood in general is a tough job and i don't know how i could begin to do it without a loving savior and the knowledge that he wants the best for me and my family.

some pictures from our weekend:

clementine was pretty excited about all of the chocolate in her easter basket. holiday's are so much fun with little kids. 

traditional sticky buns and green smoothies for conference morning breakfast.

dylan makes a pretty good easter bunny. he had a little trail of jelly beans that led to clementine's basket and had scattered jelly beans all over the apartment. he also hid my favorite reese's eggs in various places (on top of the heart on our wall) and i am still running in to them. he said i will probably be finding them for the next few weeks. :)

i found that it is pretty dang difficult to pay attention to conference with a little toddler on the loose. i look forward to catching up on all that i missed.

dylan really wanted to make chicken cordon bleu for easter dinner. i'm usually not a huge chicken cordon bleu fan and i had my doubts, but it hit the spot! i also made mashed potatoes and parmesan breadsticks and teri made a salad and fruit tart sugar cookies. it was a nice meal and fun to eat on my pretty china. so glad i have those plates. thanks mom! 

on saturday we went to duffy and yanzi's home for lunch. duffy made amazing steaks, salad and broccoli. it was a meal fit for a king! we also went to costco because i just couldn't resist. on the drive home we saw a bunch of people picking strawberries and decided to join in on the fun. clementine couldn't stop eating while we picked which was against the rules…oh well. she looks super grungy in all of these pictures because it had been such a long day. 

dylan's aunt yanzi is a serious professional piano player/teacher (one of her students won the national piano competition and met the president). she was really cute with clementine and was so pleased that clementine showed such an interest in the piano. she foresee's clementine to be a "natural." 

on friday we had a bit of a scare. we were swinging clementine by her arms and legs and gently tossing her on to our bed and she ended up with a nurse maids elbow. it was really freaky for me to see her in so much pain. we went to the urgent care and luckily it was a super quick fix with no residual pain. we definitely learned a lesson not to grab small children from their arms anymore.


  1. Yikes! Poor Clementine! Tyler remembers that happening to his little sister so we've always been super careful about it. I'm glad she's ok! Also, I love your china :)

  2. All the way through this piece I could sense your thankful heart and it too made me reflect on His great goodness to us all. I love getting a glimpse of what I miss with you so far away. Your lovely life is an inspiration. xox