Monday, December 1, 2014

i'll take care of you

before dylan started medical school and before we were engaged i remember late one night 
i was expressing some feelings of worry and concern about going forth and getting married. 
how were we going to pull it off? what would i do in texas? medical school and living expenses would pile up and i hadn't finished school. after i had let out all i was feeling, he looked at me seriously and said, 
"i'll take care of you, lizzie." 

that was all i needed to hear. i knew that he meant it and i trusted he would. 
after being married for almost two years, i have realized that is just what marriage is: taking care of one another. we each do our part to contribute and help each other and fill in the gaps. 

this friday after thanksgiving i was feeling pretty blue. thanksgiving away from our families made me homesick and feeling like we had missed out. i started to get emotional and dylan asked what was wrong. i told him how i was homesick and he wrapped me in his arms, grabbed clementine and said, "we need you here. clementine needs you here. i need you." 

that was all i needed to snap out of my funk. sometimes i feel sad that i didn't marry a man who is great at expressing emotions and being romantic. but oftentimes, he says just what i need when i need it. i am so grateful to be married to someone who puts our family first. he is always trying to succeed and to make the best of every situation. he has a good head on his shoulders and more importantly, a good heart. i know that he will always take care of us. 

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  1. ive been having a lot of these moments lately!! such a blessing to have wonderful supportive husbands who somehow know just what to say to make everything better