Wednesday, July 2, 2014

road trippin' it

the monday after dylan took step 1 we took off and headed to austin, texas. 

first stop: 

bucee's. basically a huge, glorified gas station with amazing beef jerky and perfect, spotless bathrooms. i'll tell you, if there's one thing i learned from this trip it is this: everything is bigger in texas.

our first two nights were spent in a really nice home we rented out on airbnb (highly recommend). we enjoyed swimming in the pool at this home and watching the world cup on their big tv. 

during the day we did things like this: 

swimming at barton springs. 

walked around zilker park and the capitol. 

enjoyed a big.fat.donut. at gourdough's. 

austin is kind of known for their delicious food trucks. they are everywhere. 

^^best taco you will every try. i promise. 

^^ of course we had to check out mellow johnny's. lance armstrong is from austin, so they have a big bike shop dedicated to him with a bunch of his signed jersey's and other paraphernalia. 

on wednesday our friends came and we camped for a night. 

 definitely would not recommend this. it never cools down. we were sweating all night long. in texas, camping means you take your RV and park it somewhere. now i know why. we are still suffering from residual bug bites. camping may be more fun here if you were to go during cooler months. 

a few of the fun things we did with the walton's: 

we are so glad the walton's came and met up with us. we had such a great time together and are so grateful for good friends. 

on friday we headed to san antonio and met up with andrew and robyn yenchik. dylan and andrew were good high school friends. it was really fun to see their place and get a little taste of their life in san antonio. they were such awesome hosts and we hope to see them again soon. 

robyn was so sweet and offered to watch clementine so we could go the temple. a perfect way to end our trip. 


  1. i really enjoyed looking at all of these fun photos! it looks like you really had a good week and experienced a lot of fun things. xox

  2. Dylan's hair looks so handsome!