Monday, May 5, 2014

"suffer the children to come to me"

tonight while i was rocking clementine, i thought about my childhood.
when i was a little girl, i knew that heavenly father loved me. i knew that he loved me differently than he loved adults. he has a special, different love for children. they are perfectly innocent and pure.

i distinctly remember thinking, "i hope when the second coming is here, i will be a child." and then as i grew older and realized that i wouldn't be a child much longer i thought, "i hope i will have children on this earth when the second coming comes." 

i had visions in my mind of jesus christ calling all of the little children to gather round and sit on his knee. i wanted to be there. i want my children to be there. i try and welcome his presence in my home for me and for my baby.

i would look at this picture hanging in my bedroom and imagine that i was the little girl he was looking so intently at. 

this isn't some magic, make believe stuff i imagined in my head as a child. 

this is the real deal. 

jesus christ is alive. he is supreme and all knowing. 
he loves each and every one of us perfectly and will show us the way. 
he is the ultimate comforter.

i know this. 
i have felt his love, his sustaining grace and his comfort. 

he beckons, "come follow me." 

i am grateful to have a little, precious child in my home who reminds me of the pure love jesus christ has for each of us. she reminds me of all that is good and pure in this world. 

i couldn't ask for anything more.

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