Tuesday, August 20, 2013


we were so happy to have my brother and his sweet family visit us for the weekend. it was such a treat being able to kick back and relax with some of our very favorite people.

^^^ claire promptly added to Dylan's note. 
 walking to the ferry. 

^^^uncharacteristic for me to have such bad looking toes...especially in the summertime. that big belly you see makes it hard for me to paint them! 

^^^we saw dolphins!

crazy for both of these guys. 

collecting treasures to bring home to grammy. 

^^^feeding the birds. 

 ^^^dylan's cousin, chase also stopped by for a visit on saturday night. we enjoyed having him. 

thanks for stopping by to see us! we were sure sad to see you go. 



  1. i'll say it again...you captured it so well. lighting is particularly good. xox

  2. darling pictures. looks like you made the most of your short time together. family visits are the best!!