Saturday, August 17, 2013

a few weekends ago, some of my sweet friends threw such a fun baby shower for me:

..i am feeling especially large in these pictures. 

 julie, teri, lizzie, stephanie 

so grateful for sweet friends and all of their support! love you, ladies!

funny things that have happened in the last few days...

-the cashier at the grocery store said, "oh wow! you look like you're about ready to POP." 
-my manager at work said, "you look abnormally large for having your first baby." thanks? 
-a coworker told me, "i sure am going to miss seeing you waddle around this place." 

not quite sure why so many people feel the need to comment on my ever growing belly...oh well! 


  1. HAHA!! "abnormally large for your first baby" ?? Whaat?! You have been so tiny this whole time. You have the perfect little baby belly. Pregnancy looks good on you girl!
    Loved your shower! Can't wait to meet this little angel!

  2. golly, you're surrounded by beauty and goodness. xox