Thursday, April 18, 2013

i miss my home.

this post is positive. i am just relishing in what a great home i call my own.

i was just reading one of my dear, old friend's blogs and she was talking about how much she loves utah and how it is her home and then i felt a twinge of sadness. i am a utahn. i don't want to change my drivers license and license plate. it seems...disloyal. wrong.

i do like living in galveston. really, it's great. but every once in a while i just want to be absolutely familiar with a place. oh how i miss looking at the mountains, being a 5 minute drive from quality grocery stores, being surrounded by my family and friends. this sounds dumb, but i really miss barbacoa, cafe rio, setebello, bombay house, einstein bagels and market street clam chowder to name a few. dylan and i talk and often wonder if we will ever really consider another state to be our home. if we end up raising our family in texas, will we consider it to be our home?

sometimes i wonder what it would be like for dylan and me to just be able to go to our parents homes and hang out on sunday's or other days. we have never really had that. or how nice it would be to go on date nights with my siblings and their spouses.

^^they don't grow nice grass here on the island. 

dear utah, i will be home in twelve days and i am ready for you. 

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