Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"and the world spins madly on"

as we all know, time just keeps on flying by and i keep neglecting to post anything on the blog. we have had a wonderful past few weeks. i am definitely cherishing this time i have with just dylan and me, for i know it won't be long until our little home is filled with more people to love and with that comes more responsibilities. below is a little update on our lives here in galveston...

 ^^^ i had a pretty serious craving for einstein bagels...unfortunately they aren't made here on the island, so i got the next best thing: grocery store bagels and cream cheese. not too shabby. 

^^^ sending mr. off on his last site visit. 

^^^had a fun project creating a collage over our couch. 

^^ i am a hostess at joe's crab shack. it is a good job for me right now. 

^^ here is dylan trying pretty hard to hear the baby's heartbeat. 

^^ i went through a tomato sandwich stage and averaged about two a day. they could not have been more delicious to me, but were causing me to have bad acid reflux. 

^^ really late nights writing "thank you" notes while dylan is off studying. 

^^^ little pratt was the size of an apple a few weeks ago. 

^ blowing bubbles in nursery. 

^^ this was the group of friends we had over for easter dinner. it was a great evening! 

^ my computer was broken :(

^ gotta have the sticky buns for conference weekend. 

^^^ sierra came to visit! she was our very first visitor and we loved having her. i was sad to see her go and grateful she made such an effort to come see us. 

^^ i sure love those texas skies. now i feel like i can more fully understand a line from one of my favorite dixie chicks songs, "wide open spaces, room to make a big mistake."

^^as you can see, dylan is pleased as punch about our new kitchen table. mainly because we traded it for our previous one and it ended up being a great deal for us! i like it too. 

^^we have been enjoying going on bike rides in the evening. i try and impress dylan with my skills. 

^^ we were impressed with dylan's uncle, duffy's orange tree. 

^^^ randomly spending the night at yanzi and duffy's house. 

^ i accidentally left my temple clothes in salt lake and my sweet mother filled my bag with little treats and surprises and my long lost CTR ring! so happy to have it back on my finger. 

^^^ we sure enjoyed having dylan's dad, george come visit us. i am sad i don't have more pictures with him. 

^^ starting to look pregnant! i will be 18 weeks on friday. 

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  1. This again is what a happy life looks like. This so reminds me of our start. I lived so far away from home and could only communicate through letters which were few and far between. He was on his home turf and I was not. We built happiness and have always held on tight. xox