Tuesday, November 29, 2011


(all iphone pictures. i blame that for the lower quality :)

life lately has been wonderful
full of...

-yummy food
-"fruit ninja"
-"hey tell" messages with abigail (our voices sound weirdly similar)
-phone calls with alison on trax
-the "sock bun" ;)
-learning how to play hearts
-confidence in myself and the lord
-paula playing with my hair while we do math homework
-valerie helping me with my tests
-making lots and lots of calls at work
-seeing sierra over thanksgiving and meeting her cute friend, ruth.
-hanging out with sierra's mom "senile sitting"
-fabulous health
-so many people to love in my life
-giving the book of mormon away with my testimony in it.
-shopping trips to fashionplace
-singing uncontrollably in the car with allie
-taylor swift sings about my life..yet again.
-purple fingernails
-good lipstick color
-black skinny jeans
-such supportive friends and family
-michael buble's christmas CD (all i want for christmas is MB!)
-cozy slippers
-mashed potatoes
-weekend with dave and kel
-hankie pankie..such a cute baby

blessed beyond measure.


  1. wow...did you have a packed full of fun weekend or what? xox

  2. I am so glad you posted those pictures. They turned out so cute! Dave and I had so much fun last weekend, Liz. We need to do it more often.

  3. that's funny how you mentioned yours and abi's voices sounding similar . . . i have thought the same thing! she also makes expressions with her mouth like you do. i love that she has such an awesome role model and friend in you. love you . . .

    come visit;)

  4. So fun! I just have to say Michael Buble's Christmas CD is the BEST! I can't get enough of it!