Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween girl

this is the time of year that i get really nostalgic. well..let's be honest, i always get nostalgic. but, there is something about halloween that brings back some pretty dang sweet childhood memories.
i remember this halloween.
i remember feeling adorable.
i remember abi as a baby, dressed up as a bumblebee i think. i adored her from the beginning.
i remember trick-or-treating with my pops and his fake plastic cheeks, i always thought they looked so real.
i remember the anticipation of wearing my costume to school and being in the drigg's halloween parade.
i remember coming home to a wooden cat with glazed doughnuts on the tail.
i remember going to the barker's house for chili and scones and just wishing we could get out and trick-or-treat.
i remember my mom's big halloweeen makeup box, the smell of it.
i remember dave and joe going to halloween parties instead of trick or treating and thinking that was so crazy.
i remember going to haunted houses and just crying my eyes out because i was so scared.
yes, halloween is a great time and i am so grateful for the memories my parents and family created with me.
can't wait to create fun halloween memories with my little ones someday.
life is sweet.


  1. sniff...sissy, sissy, where have the years gone? xox

  2. i love this post sis. you reminded me of things i have forgotten about . . . like the big halloween makeup box. wonderful memories. love you.