Wednesday, May 25, 2011

walking buddies

lately i have been enjoying exerting myself and walking with three of my lovely sister in laws. we have been going on ten mile speed walks at 4 a.m. and it has been so much fun. i enjoy so much chatting with these ladies and soaking in their goodness. i am grateful that my brothers have all married such amazing women!


  1. haha, these pictures are hilarious (and not very attractive of me, Liz - you are in trouble when I see you dark and early tomorrow) :) It has been so much fun walking with you girls!

    I have been missing out on some serious blogging. Love all these posts and love your cute new layout. Love YOU!

  2. oh liz! i love your picture selection of everyone. :)

    The SPEED walks are worth getting out of bed at 3:45am. I am so lucky to have such wonderful sister-in-laws! I love the fun spirits you bring each morning.