Friday, May 27, 2011

a little challenge

cute anna diedrich inspired me to do a little 30 day photo challenge.(although i will probably do more than one photo for each day, because i just love pictures so much.)
i think it's a pretty fun way to spice up the blog.
here it goes!

day 1.
a picture of yourself with 15 interesting facts.

1. i am the happiest when i am serving others or spending time with family and friends.
2. i haven't had a short haircut since 8th grade.
3. i have never had a serious boyfriend.
4. i get very nostalgic with the changing of each season.
5. i enjoy traveling in big cities. I have been to Mexico City (2nd biggest city in the world) New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.
6. i find much satisfaction in cleaning (i just need to be motivated to do it!)
7. cooking is a lot of fun for me.
8. i love the smell of fresh cotton, roses, lavendar, rain on the pavement, fresh babies, and the mountains.
9. i love spending time with children.
10. i have always been pretty good at keeping a steady journal.
11. My bed is my favorite place to be. (i try to take good care of it by frequently changing the sheets and making it smell delicious.)
12. my favorite two months are October (lover of autumn) and February (birthday month)
13. I absolutely love taking photos. I also enjoy critiquing photos. My favorite kind of pictures to take and look at are of weddings, engagements, bridals, babies, children and families.
14. i dream about my wedding/marriage quite often.
15. i have quite a list of nicknames. sis, sissy, sisser, sisserleebee, sitnkpot, liz, eli-zabeth, lips (at work) princess (at work)

don't know if those are considered interesting, but it was fun to write them down!

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  1. i learned some things here...this is such a great way to journal. xox