Saturday, May 29, 2010


For seminary council, we had a wonderful banquet/ testimony meeting. One last hoorah. It was such a special evening. After all of the council members bore their testimonies, our Advisor, Sister Thomas came up and bore a sweet testimony and then presented each of us with a quilt she handcrafted. Last summer, she asked us which colors we liked together, not knowing what she was talking about I said i liked pink and yellow. She made us each a beautiful quilt and shared a few words about each of us as we recieved our quilt. I was so emotional due to this woman and her love and sweet spirit. I am in awe at how much she has sacrificed for us. Seminary Council was such an amazing experience, I am so grateful for all that I have learned and the wonderful friendships made.

Senior Service Awards Banquet

best friends throughout high school
gorgeous sisters and then...the goon.
proud of my new purchases :)

it has been an exciting and busy month while trying to wrap up the school year. lots of banquets and dinners to attend. graduation pictures will be posted sometime next week!

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