Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ready to soak up that sun!

once upon a time...i knew what if felt like to be tan. now...not so much :(

great find at J crew! used to be $ it on sale for $40 :) can't wait for the summer weather and am sooo ready for my trip to the beach!


  1. I almost bought that EXACT suit today. I was one click away...I think it's so cute! I really wanted the blue one, but they were gone.

    Phew, that was close - The very idea of standing next to you at Newport in all of my 33 year old glory- trying to pull off the same suit you are wearing in all your teenage cuteness is just plain terrifying! :)

  2. this is turning into a very cute blog! xox

  3. haha missy! i love you. i wanted the light blue SO bad...but they were all out. its so funny you say that though, because there was a blue in a bigger size and i was like, "well maybe i should just try it, and if it doesn't fit i will give it to melissa!" haha not that your even much bigger than i am. i love you!