Thursday, April 15, 2010

life as i know it is coming to a screeching halt...

below is a passage from my journal. enjoy!
"I am so grateful for these three years of high school where i have laughed, loved, cried, sang, traveled, learned, played, dreamed, evolved, grown, experienced, hung out, talked, texted, shopped, ate, gone to the temple, early mornings, served as laurel's president, developed strong friendships, strengthened my testimony, taken pictures (lots of them) wasted time on facebook, been jealous, had righteous and not so righteous desires, been a ravid Taylor Swift fan, learned how to drive, had a few bad driving experiences, lost things, but won more in the long run, tried to smile my way through some hard days, cried myself to sleep, spent long hours in the classroom, dances, sleepovers, midnight premiers, summer fun, worked hard, great harvest, mood swings, felt sorry, scripture study, and SO much more
I have been blessed beyond measure."


  1. lizzie i haven't looked at your blog in FOREVER! I love all of your pictures... and i love you! :) thanks for always brightening my day. haha these pics brought back some good times.

  2. good to see your mom and I made the cut!

  3. That is so cute Lizzie! I love it and feel the same way!

  4. Oh my heck! You are such an inspiring lady! That journal entry and those pictures are classic! Hey and thanks for your comment, otherwise I wouldn't have known about your fabulous blog. :) Hey and I just wanna say, thanks for always being so sweet and such an incredible example!