Wednesday, February 25, 2015

on pregnancy

pregnancy is such a different time of life filled with so many various emotions and changes. 
it's amazing to see your body work so hard to build this other little body. 

my first trimester looked a lot like this: 
laying around in the mornings feeling super sick. calling my mom and sisters..knowing they would understand the feeling and have some compassion. only feeling like eating bananas, crackers and juice. being completely wiped out and ready for bed at 8. lots of throwing up. 

the second trimester: 
feeling awesome. practically forgetting i was even pregnant. enjoying having energy and spending one on one time with clementine. 

beginning of the third trimester:
back to feeling tired…taking long afternoon naps when clementine naps. starting to feel a little uncomfortable; difficulty cleaning up toys and bending over a lot. sciatic nerve pain. itchy, itchy, itchy. 

i am really grateful for the opportunity i have to be a mother and have the privilege of expecting a new little person to join our family in just ten weeks. i hope to be prepared for this huge life change. i hope i can have patience and that i can gracefully live on very little sleep. i was talking to my sister katie a few weeks ago and she said, "carter girls just don't do well on little amounts of sleep." it was a difficult, lonely feeling being up in the middle of the night nursing a little baby when all your body wanted was to be in bed. i also need to remember that it was a special, sacred time as well and i wouldn't trade it for anything. i know that it won't last forever, which is comforting. 

so excited to meet our little boy and see what he adds to our family! i already love him. 


  1. yayyayyyy!!! I love the pictures! i am right there with you on the sciatica and being crazy itchy! and it doesnt help that i cant reach my legs and feet to properly lotion them. Im ready to have this baby out of me! Anyway - happy for you to get your boy! Love ya

  2. I think it's important to keep this record of your pregnancy. As time goes by you will be able to reference these days which will help you remember and have reasonable expectations in the future. Your little shadow is cute and always close by. I am thankful for this amazing opportunity you have to mother, sacrifice and make your life a holy offering. You are becoming sanctified and I am the honored witness to this evolution. I love you and feel so much admiration for your goodness. xox