Monday, April 21, 2014

there is probably nothing i love more than family time. 
charlotte, jessica, eli and charlie came to visit us this weekend and we had such a wonderful time together. 

they just left a few hours ago and i find myself with a little bit of a pit in my stomach knowing that now we are back to the hard, long grind of dylan being gone studying all day every day. 

when you're in the midst of everyday living you don't always realize how much you miss having your family close by, but whenever we have visitors come and go, i am always left in a little bit of a funk that i need to try and snap out of. 

charlie and jessica are so cute with clementine. 

clementine's not always the best behaved in pictures ;)

feeding the birds. 

i wish i would have captured a few more pictures from their visit, but we were so busy most of the time and i didn't always have my camera on hand. i saw this quote the other day and i feel like it really applies to me sometimes, 

"If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don't like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it."

i am all about capturing moments and memories, but sometimes i just want to be in the moment. 

other highlights of the trip:

-swimming all day at the digiovanni's pool with other friends in the ward
-shopping at the outlets
-going out for sushi 
-church on easter sunday
-walks along the beach
-lunch at the original mexican cafe
-sitting around our apartment hanging out and talking
-letting clementine play in the sand for her first time
-seeing everyone interact with clementine and get to know her
-goodies charlotte brought from india
-easter dinner
-eating on my china 
-getting lots of sun


  1. sounds like the perfect weekend surrounded by so much love. xox

  2. For those of us who could not be with you, we thank you for capturing the moments! Clementine is growing up so fast!!! She has THE MOST beautiful eyes!! Hugs to you all!