Saturday, February 15, 2014

february things

i turned 22 and clementine turned 5 months :)

dylan insisted on frosting a cookie...

it is so much fun watching clementine grow and progress. she loves rolling on to her tummy but gets really frustrated after a while because she can't roll on to her back. 

^ our "love star" from ikea ;)

^^i love it when dylan dresses clementine in clothes that i used to wear :)

we kicked off the month of love by going to the houston temple. afterwards we went to costco and ikea. it was a super busy day but we loved it. it can be a really fun break going off of the island. 

^^these two make me the happiest girl in the world. 

 ^tried my first gumbo and it was DELICIOUS. i was a little skeptical about it but it was fabulous. 

^^ set up for my relief society lesson. 

^ baby sleeps in this little outfit every night to keep her nice and warm. 

 ^^dinner at the original mexican cafe for valentine's day. 

^ my morning boy in his valentine shirt. 

^^my sweet friend, whitney gave me this necklace for my birthday. i love it!

^had a great birthday lunch with friends at sunflower cafe. 

^^the walton's were so sweet to treat us to a birthday dinner at their home. 

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