Friday, January 31, 2014

clementine's room

i have really come to love the way baby's room turned out. i mostly love it because almost everything in her room is a gift from a loved one and most of the items are treasured with meaning behind them. i never really came up with a color scheme or anything and i love how everything just worked out to form a darling room for clementine girl. 

^^darling box from aunt jessica 

^^"princess" pillow from my aunt audree. 

^^this little piece of artwork was given to me when i was in young womens and my mom went and had it framed for me. i always envisioned myself as that mama with her babes. 

this lamp was given to me as a birthday gift a few years ago. 

clementine's great-grandma carol had this pillow and quilt made for her. 

^^dylan's mom let me pick out this subway art while we were in utah. the "you are my sunshine" song holds special meaning to me. i remember being a little girl and my dad would sing it on his guitar. i remember thinking, "i never want to forget this moment." 

^^lovely crib from grandma carol. 

^^the dresser and picture frames are from grandma charlotte. 

^^clementine's adoring daddy went out and found this dresser for her about 20 weeks before she was born. it is old and we like it. 

^^my mom gave me this sweet baby doll when i was pregnant. i had a baby doll very similar to this one as a little girl. 

^^i made those little "pom poms" for clementine from tissue paper from shower gifts. she loves to look at them when she gets her diaper changed. 

^^dylan got this rocker second hand for me and we lucked out and found a cover for it from sears. 

^^my friend julie made this banner for clementine. i made her crib skirt with some assistance from julie. 

^^this little tedy is from my mom and the flowers are from dylan's mom. 

^^this picture of the savior always hung in my room as a little girl. during the holiday's, i asked my mom if i could take it home and put it in clementines room. with it hanging, the room feels complete and it adds a very sweet spirit. i love to sing songs about jesus while i nurse her. 

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  1. so sweet Lizzie! I love her room and how everything means something.