Sunday, October 13, 2013

one month.

our little gal turned a month old yesterday.
i can hardly believe it!

she has already brought such joy to our lives. i feel so blessed to be her mother and enjoy having this precious, perfect soul in our home. 

> she loves taking showers with her poppy.
> when she gets fussy, she can be easily soothed by going outside in the warm humid air.
> she's not a huge fan of her grammy's cold hands.
> she wakes up to eat about every two to three hours.
> she has the cutest little cry. 

we sure do love our little clementine!


  1. I love these pictures! She is so precious, I am dying to meet her!

  2. THE most precious photos of my darling clementine. xox

  3. This makes me ache to see her! What a little, beautiful bundle!

  4. such sweet pictures. you are having fun! what a precious time.